Enabling the Transition to Collaborative Services Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:35

The telco world is moving towards collaborative services, a workspace that integrates IP communications, voice, data and collaboration products and services into the one unified system. 

Symbio started off offering innovative voice services over our Software Defined Network. This was the building blocks that underpinned Unified Communications platforms, voice apps, IP PBXs and other OTT providers. We continued to grow, including managed SIP Trunks, cloud numbers, 4G mobile and broadband. Customers can choose a solution that’s as complex or as basic as they need to suit their business.


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Navigating the Legislation Minefield Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:27

Symbio customers may have noticed an increase of regulatory information received from your Account Managers of late. Our aim is to be completely transparent with our customers, and we do this by remaining on the front foot when it comes to new and changing regulatory legislation.

Each wholesaler makes its own decision internally what information they choose to share with their customers, and it’s Symbio’s approach to keep you up to date with all regulatory matters, so you never receive any nasty surprises. Symbio guides our customers through the regulatory minefield of telecommunications so you know exactly what you’re liable for and never get caught out. We’re vigilant, and want you to be too.


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Symbio’s Michelle Lim Chair of Commpete Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:12

Symbio General Manager of Industry & Government Relations, Michelle Lim, is chair of Commpete, an alliance of challenger retail service providers in the Australian telco market.

Commpete, formerly known as the Competitive Carriers’ Coalition (CCC), has been the leading voice for competition in the Australian communications industry since 2001. It stands for the non-dominant telecommunications carriers in Australia and provides a forum for members to present a unified voice on issues which are important to the future of the industry. Members include a spectrum of communications businesses advocating pro-competition policy and regulation.

“I am honoured to take the helm of Commpete as it enters a new era promoting fair competition and a healthy wholesale telecommunications market under the NBN industry model,” Michelle Lim says.


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Symbio New Zealand Launch Party Tuesday 17 April 2018 @ 14:23

Thanks to everyone that came along to help us celebrate the launch of Symbio Networks New Zealand at the Primus Hotel in Sydney last month. It was great to receive so much positive feedback from those that attended the event.

The Symbio team look forward to helping more customers open up their services to the New Zealand market and providing healthy wholesale competition in NZ as well as Australia.

Check out some photos of the event below, or to find out more about our New Zealand network, you can contact your account manager directly or enquire online.


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Symbio Launches New Zealand Wholesale Network Thursday 01 March 2018 @ 13:07

Symbio Networks has announced the go-live of its nationwide voice network in New Zealand. The launch makes Symbio the only fully integrated voice network interconnecting both sides of the Tasman. 

Others providers who claim to have a trans-Tasman network have done so using acquisitions or silo-builds operating on different platforms. However, Symbio built the New Zealand network from scratch using the same platforms so the two countries can operate as one network.

The rollout enables Symbio to deliver New Zealand wholesalers its full suite of next generation voice services backed by API capability. This includes integrated billing, provisioning and network management - equipping new entrants to successfully enter the market.


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Offer fault-free service with our dual redundancy solution Wednesday 14 February 2018 @ 14:39

Faults are inevitable. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control, networks can experience latency or even outages that can affect your customers’ service - and your reputation. While you can’t control these unexpected events, you can control how well equipped you are to deal with them when they happen.

Symbio offers its customers fault-free connectivity with its Active/Passive dual redundancy solution. We effectively offer wholesale customers connectivity to 2 data centres, 2 soft switches and 2 paths for their voice traffic. Providing two unique and geographically diverse pathways allows us to interchange a connection route to always provide the strongest pathway. By offering both pathways through Symbio, you remove the need of having to deal with a second provider and make some significant cost savings in doing so.


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Introducing Big Data Mobile Plans Wednesday 14 February 2018 @ 14:38

To keep up with the growing demand for data, Symbio has introduced some new plan options for MVNO customers to accommodate heavy users. Customers providing a mobile service through Symbio can now offer end-users 20GB and 30GB per month data plans. This is to accompany the existing range of plans between 1GB and 15GB per month.

It’s no secret that mobile data usage is on the rise. Every year more customers are purchasing plans with a larger data capacity. According to the 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey by Deloitte, 23% of all new phones purchased in 2017 had a data limit greater than 10GB, almost doubling from the previous year. Of those 23% on the higher end of the usage scale, around a third had plans of 20GB or more.


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Cool Company Awards Wednesday 10 January 2018 @ 09:33

Symbio parent company, MNF Group has been listed as one of Anthill's top 100 Coolest Companies of 2017 in the Global Growth Category.

The Global Growth Awards recognise Australian companies that have achieved outstanding global growth and demonstrated the ability to expand outside of traditional boundaries, through innovative and entrepreneurial means.

It's a huge honour to make the cut for 2017, congratulations to the MNF team.


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MVNO coverage footprint increase Monday 18 December 2017 @ 15:43

Following recent network upgrades, we’re pleased to announce that Symbio’s MVNO service coverage footprint has increased. From today, our service will have the following improvements:

  • 4G coverage has increased from 95% to 96.5% of the Australian population.
  • The number of 4G base stations has increased to 6500.
  • 3G coverage has increased to more than 98.8% of the Australian population.
  • The number of 3G base stations has increased to 8100.
  • The combined 3G and 4G footprint has increased from 1.59 million to 1.62million square kilometres.

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Christmas Period Rife with Toll-Fraud Thursday 14 December 2017 @ 14:32

Christmas has become a high-risk period for toll fraud attacks and it can be disastrous for unprepared telecommunications providers. 

Service providers are particularly vulnerable during holiday periods as fraudsters take advantage of skeleton staff on duty. With fewer staff available to monitor and respond to fraud attempts, incidents can go on undetected.

Make sure you and your customers are protected from toll fraud this Christmas. All Call Termination Services (CTS) on the Symbio network are protected by the TollShield – the only real-time fraud detection platform.

Don’t leave your network, and your reputation, open to attack.


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