How do phone calls get to Australia? Monday 01 July 2019 @ 17:14

You might work in telco every day, but have you ever wondered how phone calls actually reach Australia? It seems so seamless on the surface, but there’s much more to it than you might think. Australians receive calls from various countries across the globe every day, whether it’s family, friends or colleagues. Despite this, the process of how international calls get to us is still a mystery to most people. We’re here to explain how it all works using the example of Symbio’s global voice network.

Domestic vs International Calls
Here at Symbio, we’re a carrier in our own right – one of only four voice carriers in Australia – and operate the largest IP voice network in the country. This allows us to provide IP voice carriage services and software to all levels of the telco industry, while also delivering complete, in-country coverage.

Symbio, like other Australian carriers, maintains an up to date register of all Australian numbers by reading the ACMA directory as well as the porting registers of all Australian carriers. When a call is placed domestically, Symbio automatically figures out where to send the call based off this information.


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Network Reinvestment Leads to New Partnership with Juniper Thursday 28 February 2019 @ 09:02

Following a new partnership with Juniper Networks, Symbio will reinvest into its national MPLS network to further position itself as the one-to-beat in the Australian wholesale market. Our wholesale customers are continually innovating, and as market leaders Symbio creates an environment that enables ingenuity. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the ability to work autonomously, as if it were their own network, and we’ve worked hard to separate ourselves from the incumbents. We need to stay ahead so our customers can stay ahead, because your success is our success.

Let’s talk about innovation

The rhetoric in the Australian telco space can get repetitive. Every day we hear claims of new services and robust offerings, but it’s the same old story: ‘The telco who cried innovation’. After a while, these claims begin to lose credibility. In reality, many operators are milking their assets as long as possible. They’re cutting staff and cutting corners, continuing to use an adequate solution with an ‘innovative’ claim slapped on top. Symbio however, has earned its current success through a long history of in-house development and strategic investments. We’re continually looking for new ways to form the framework that will support the ongoing technological evolution.


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CommsDay Melbourne Congress Thursday 15 November 2018 @ 17:13

There was a strong Symbio representation at this year’s CommsDay Congress in Melbourne with two Symbio executives delivering keynotes at the event. On the first day of the congress CEO Rene Sugo delivered his keynote, calling for a creative new approach to the upcoming 5G spectrum auction. Sugo emphasized the importance of ensuring healthy competition in the Australian market outside of the big 3 providers.

On the second day of the event, General Manager of Industry & Government Relations, Michelle Lim addressed the Congress. Lim, who is also the chair of the competitive alliance for challenger Retail Service Providers, known as ‘Commpete’, launched its proposal to Government, outlining the “5 pillars of success for competition reform”. These included:


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Helping you stay informed Thursday 30 August 2018 @ 12:20

As a wholesale provider, Symbio is the buffer between our customers and the regulatory minefield of the telco industry. Recently, there’s been a heightened focus on how service providers handle potentially personal information. We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight Symbio’s protocol when recording and monitoring voice calls for quality assurance purposes.

If an end-user reports a problem with their voice service, Symbio will investigate the issue. It’s a priority to identify and repair any issues as soon as we are made aware of them. In some circumstances we will need to analyse a call recording in order to improve service quality. On this basis, it is important that the service providers inform the end-user before a call is intercepted and analysed.


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More Mobile Plan Options Thursday 30 August 2018 @ 12:09

Your customers use their mobile data differently. For some it’s the lifeline of their small business, doubling as a mobile broadband service while they are travelling or working remotely. For others it’s simply a means of taking phone calls, or sending the occasional SMS. That’s why we’ve extended our plan options to cater for all types of users.

It’s no secret that Australians’ appetite for data is increasing. 4G has enabled us to download to our mobile devices faster than ever before. With more mobile phone users downloading faster, they’re also churning through their monthly quota sooner. To cater for these data-hungry customers, Symbio has added a massive 40GB per month plan to its MVNO artillery. For users on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also launched 500MB per month plans. So your end-users never feel like they’re paying for more than what they use.


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Singapore Expansion Thursday 30 August 2018 @ 12:00

Symbio has extended its footprint further into Asia with the acquisition of Singaporean operator SuperInternet by parent company MNF Group. SuperInternet is an established player in the region and operates its own domestic voice network in Singapore.

While the operation is only in the early stages, this is a huge step towards Symbio offering its numbering services to new local providers in the region, and enabling providers from Australia and New Zealand to extend their services into Singapore. This latest acquisition follows the launch of a new fully integrated IP voice network in New Zealand earlier this year.


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Enabling the Transition to Collaborative Services Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:35

The telco world is moving towards collaborative services, a workspace that integrates IP communications, voice, data and collaboration products and services into the one unified system. 

Symbio started off offering innovative voice services over our Software Defined Network. This was the building blocks that underpinned Unified Communications platforms, voice apps, IP PBXs and other OTT providers. We continued to grow, including managed SIP Trunks, cloud numbers, 4G mobile and broadband. Customers can choose a solution that’s as complex or as basic as they need to suit their business.


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Navigating the Legislation Minefield Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:27

Symbio customers may have noticed an increase of regulatory information received from your Account Managers of late. Our aim is to be completely transparent with our customers, and we do this by remaining on the front foot when it comes to new and changing regulatory legislation.

Each wholesaler makes its own decision internally what information they choose to share with their customers, and it’s Symbio’s approach to keep you up to date with all regulatory matters, so you never receive any nasty surprises. Symbio guides our customers through the regulatory minefield of telecommunications so you know exactly what you’re liable for and never get caught out. We’re vigilant, and want you to be too.


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Symbio’s Michelle Lim Chair of Commpete Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:12

Symbio General Manager of Industry & Government Relations, Michelle Lim, is chair of Commpete, an alliance of challenger retail service providers in the Australian telco market.

Commpete, formerly known as the Competitive Carriers’ Coalition (CCC), has been the leading voice for competition in the Australian communications industry since 2001. It stands for the non-dominant telecommunications carriers in Australia and provides a forum for members to present a unified voice on issues which are important to the future of the industry. Members include a spectrum of communications businesses advocating pro-competition policy and regulation.

“I am honoured to take the helm of Commpete as it enters a new era promoting fair competition and a healthy wholesale telecommunications market under the NBN industry model,” Michelle Lim says.


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Symbio New Zealand Launch Party Tuesday 17 April 2018 @ 14:23

Thanks to everyone that came along to help us celebrate the launch of Symbio Networks New Zealand at the Primus Hotel in Sydney last month. It was great to receive so much positive feedback from those that attended the event.

The Symbio team look forward to helping more customers open up their services to the New Zealand market and providing healthy wholesale competition in NZ as well as Australia.

Check out some photos of the event below, or to find out more about our New Zealand network, you can contact your account manager directly or enquire online.


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