MVNO isn't complete without API functionality Thursday 26 October 2017 @ 11:07

As a new-generation carrier of choice in the Australian wholesale market, Symbio focuses on empowering our customers. We do this by complementing our products with self-service API capability. So far we’ve had a hugely positive response to the API functionality we’ve rolled out to support our voice services. So when it came time to add MVNO to our suite, we wouldn’t offer customers anything less.

Symbio’s mobile API was developed in-house by our R&D team. It allows customers to plug-in service control functionality directly from within their own Operations Support Systems and portals. This means they can manage accounts and create new orders without leaving their own ecosystem.

Without API support, staff have to middle-manage orders, manually handling customer requests and raising them in the wholesale systems. This results in slow provisioning times, higher overheads, poor user experience and puts new MVNO players entering the market at a huge disadvantage.


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Expand Your Services: Toll-Free Numbers in over 90 Countries Tuesday 17 October 2017 @ 10:51

Symbio Networks has launched an International Toll Free Service (ITFS) enabling its customers to offer their end-users local toll free numbers in over 90 countries. Destinations include major business centres like UK, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Symbio’s wholesale customers will be now be able to help their clients expand internationally by offering a local number in an overseas location without the need for a physical footprint in that location.

“In today’s interconnected world, small and medium businesses are looking for solutions that will help them reach international markets – our service for wholesalers is one piece of the puzzle to help them get there,” said Rene Sugo, CEO of Symbio Networks’ parent company MNF Group.


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ACOMM Awards Win Monday 28 August 2017 @ 15:38

Symbio sister company MyNetFone recently took out the ACOMMS Awards for its Pulse innovation. Pulse is an enterprise-level call management solution designed to intelligently manage and disperse unpredictable surges in traffic, depending on the quantity and location of incoming calls.

Due to the nature of government agencies and utility services, they will often receive sudden and unpredictable peaks in call traffic. These can be brought on by natural disasters, power outages or any other number of unexpected major events.


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Customer Case Study: Aussie Broadband 4G Mobile Monday 28 August 2017 @ 15:37

Aussie Broadband will soon be able to offer its customers 4G SIM-only voice and data plans with a range of data price points, delivered over Symbio’s proprietary iBoss platform. Unhappy with the alternatives on the market, Aussie Broadband chose to move to Symbio for its contractual flexibility and competitive pricing. The established industry player wanted to be able to offer its customers a complete end-to-end communications solution, and that included 4G mobile.

“Having access to a fully functional wholesale product was at the core of our decision. Having previously worked with Symbio, we knew they had the capability to deliver a robust mobile solution tailored to our needs” said Aussie Broadband Managing Director, Phillip Britt.


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Reviewed Pricing for iBoss Data Plans Monday 28 August 2017 @ 15:37

Since Symbio started selling NBN services through iBoss three years ago, we’ve been consistently building our NBN technology suite. We now offer our customers all fixed line connection methods, as well as fixed wireless NBN.

Due to the growth in our NBN services uptake, we can now pass on some cost savings across our NBN data plans to our Wholesale Customers. We have also reduced the cost of some of our Optus ULL data plans.

We have introduced the following improvements:


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MVNO Sub-Wholesale Launch Monday 28 August 2017 @ 15:31

Symbio has launched a new sub-wholesale MVNO offering following a new agreement secured with Telstra wholesale. The offering is in addition to the existing agency MVNO service launched last year. Symbio customers entering the mobile market will now have unprecedented management capabilities when it comes to their own consumers, including the ability to bill directly, allowing for increased pricing and margin flexibility.

“Symbio and MNF Group have a proven track record of delivering innovative, first to market solutions for our customers,” said CEO Rene Sugo.

“While our agency MVNO offer has been welcomed by wholesale customers, we also found that there was a growing demand for services through a sub-wholesale model. This new MVNO offer will give our customers unprecedented control over their own consumers when it comes to billing and communication; we simply deliver the SIM card and the 4G mobile coverage.”


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Customer’s First Port of Call Monday 14 August 2017 @ 13:58

First impressions matter. When you acquire new business, the first step will usually be to port existing numbers over to the Symbio Network. So we know how important it is to make the migration as seamless as possible. Our dedicated porting team are experts in planning and executing porting requests, regardless of which carrier the numbers are moving from.

While our porting team is always there to service incoming enquiries, we know that what our customers want more than great customer service, is self-service. Ideally, customers want to get on with their business and they want systems applications to be able to drive an outcome quickly. That’s why we’ve developed a user-friendly number porting API, to allow our customers to make porting requests automatically, directly from within their own ecosystem.


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Choice for Voice on the NBN Thursday 13 July 2017 @ 14:01

Your customers don’t have a choice whether they move to the NBN, and neither do you.

In fact, making decisions around NBN services can generally seem quite restrictive. NBN Co’s rigid pricing structure has left most providers starved for choice when choosing a wholesale carrier, with the many options available all offering similar pricing, speeds and inclusions.

When it comes to NBN, one of the big differentiators is not broadband, but voice. VoIP over NBN allows you to provide a complete future-proof communications solution with the added bonus of providing an additional revenue stream with significant margin.


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Provide Your Very Own Mobile App Friday 12 May 2017 @ 09:33

Since securing an MVNO deal with Telstra Wholesale last year, we’ve had a huge response from customers looking to strengthen their brand by launching their very own mobile service with Symbio. Not only do we provide a complete end-to-end mobile solution, we can also offer a white labelled mobile app that lets end-users keep track of their monthly data usage and invoices.

The app is customisable, so you can add your own branding and provide your customers with a professional and personalised interface for their mobile service. With Symbio, any brand can launch its own mobile brand (including a personalised mobile app) in weeks, with the ability to activate SIM cards in minutes from order placement. 


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Reliable Network Backed with Home-Grown Support Thursday 09 March 2017 @ 15:27

There’s good reason more telcos are turning to Symbio - we’ve got a reputation for reliability.

We’ve had multiple customers move their services to the Symbio network because they can’t risk the outages experienced with other carriers. Our facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand are physically and electronically secured with a network uptime of 99.99%.

What’s more is our Symbio support team is based entirely in Australia, operating from our Sydney and Melbourne offices. We mentor them closely to ensure our customers are being managed by professionals with an in-depth knowledge of our services. Symbio has a strong history of sourcing staff locally, supporting and developing skills right here in Australia.

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