Advocate for Wholesale Customers Thursday 28 April 2016 @ 17:05

Symbio Networks CEO, Rene Sugo, has called for major changes to the NBN business model warning the current structure disadvantages small and medium sized-players and could damage the broader industry as a whole.

Speaking at the CommsDay Summit in Sydney, Sugo was critical of the decisions being made that do not consider all levels of the telecommunications industry.

“It’s not yet too late to save the small and mid-tier of the telco industry, and indeed save the NBN itself. The NBN must be removed from its dependency on CVC revenues.”

Bandwidth demand is being driven by the growth in streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, Stan, Foxtel on demand, even the Optus rights for the English Premier League, and the increasing quality of video from SD to HD, to Ultra HD.

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Continued Growth Trajectory for MNF Group Thursday 03 March 2016 @ 11:47

Symbio’s parent MNF Group has delivered another half year of strong growth, with revenue up 177% to $84 million for H1 FY16.

The success is attributed to a combination of strong organic growth among MNF Group’s companies, and contribution from the TNZI global wholesale network, acquired in April 2015.

The company now plans to invest in increasing the capacity and presence of its global voice network, and exporting home-grown Symbio innovations to the world via TNZI.

Global Expansion
MNF Group

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iBoss Fast-Tracks Mobile Service for Disadvantaged Australians Thursday 03 March 2016 @ 11:37

Symbio Network’s iBoss platform has helped fast-track a new mobile service to market. Better Life Mobile provides disadvantaged and low income Australians with affordable mobile phone plans.

iBoss delivered an order and service management platform which was integrated with Better Life Mobile’s billing platform and mobile network operator. The collaboration allowed the new service to be accelerated to market and available to those in need.

Market Diversity

With the entry of supermarket mobile contenders and specialised start-ups, like Better Life Mobile, the Australian market is becoming more diverse, creating opportunities for organisations from non-telco backgrounds. 

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Wholesale Market and Opportunity in New Zealand Tuesday 01 March 2016 @ 14:47

A competitive wholesale market is key to a thriving telco sector, according to Jon Cleaver, CCO of MNF Group.

He shared some insights this morning at the Telecommunications & Broadband Summit.

The event will continue tomorrow at the rendezvous hotel, Auckland NZ.

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Gold Sponsor at New Zealand Telco Summit Thursday 25 February 2016 @ 17:51

Symbio Networks is proud to be the Gold sponsor of the Telecommunications and Broadband Summit, on 1-2 March, 2016. The inaugural two-day event will be held at the rendezvous hotel in Auckland with an impressive list of speakers from both carriers and government.

CCO of Symbio parent MNF Group, Jon Cleaver, is speaking at the event and will be discussing why a truly competitive wholesale market is key to a thriving telco industry.

Symbio Networks will have a stand at the event so don’t forget to stop by for a chat with the team if you’re attending.

Find out more about the Telecommunications & Broadband Summit.

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Symbio Backs ACCC in Telstra Battle Tuesday 16 February 2016 @ 14:23


Australian Telcos have united to back the ACCC in their court battle against industry giant Telstra. Symbio Networks, along with four other providers, are supporting the ACCC in hopes of promoting fair competition for the industry.

The ACCC found that Telstra was overcharging its wholesale partners and decided to reduce fixed line rates by 9.4%. Telstra had initially requested a 7.2 percent hike in charges to compensate for the loss of business to the NBN. Upon review the consumer watchdog found that not only was the increase unfounded, but the current pricing was too high.

The ACCC argued that Telstra is being adequately compensated for any loss of business with the $11.2 billion agreement it signed with the government for its copper and fibre optic networks. 

Symbio backs the ACCC

Chairman of the ACCC Rod Sims dropped the fees to protect consumers from “absurd pricing” and believes end-users of the fixed line service should not be held responsible for increased costs.

Symbio joins fellow Telcos Macquarie Telecom, Telcoinabox, TPG and Optus who have all thrown support behind the ACCC.
The price reduction was implemented on 1 November 2015 and will remain until 30 June 2019 if Telstra’s appeal is unsuccessful.

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Keys to a Goldmine of Data Monday 30 November 2015 @ 11:17

The telecom industry is ripe for innovation & disruption. With the recent consolidation at the top tier, there is more opportunity than ever for specialised next-generation providers to grow into the 'mid tier' of the market.

What telco OTT & analytics innovators need to succeed, is a network that supports them in doing things differently.  A frequent complaint is the failure of traditional carriers to provide access to in-depth call data records, which impedes the next-gen providers from gaining crucial insights and powering their value-added service tools.

Symbio believes that the more innovation there is in the telco market, the better. We don't hold back - when using our network, providers have access to full, meaningful raw data for their voice traffic.

 Full data access for call analytics with Symbio

Another way Symbio facilitates the healthy growth of the telecom market is the low cost of entry and range of connectivity options that service all providers including IP.

Talk to our specialist team about your network requirements - call us on +61 2 9994 8555 or enquire online.



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Championing your needs on the Communications Alliance Board Friday 27 November 2015 @ 13:19

Not willing to abide by the status quo, Symbio has long questioned established standards, advocated for change to promote competition and create increased opportunities for specialised providers like you.

We are now one step further, with the election of Symbio's parent company's CEO Rene Sugo to the Communications Alliance board.

As a telco provider that operates across all levels of the Australian telecommunications market - Symbio has a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities industry players like yourself face at retail, wholesale and regulatory levels.

From building a national VoIP network from scratch, being the first provider to achieve full voice interconnect in a decade, we’ve been at the coalface of the industry transition to next-generation services. 

 Symbio part of the Communications Alliance

Symbio will bring this commitment to the Communications Alliance. On your behalf, we will champion a vision for a new era of fair competition and innovation in the Australian telecommunications industry.



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Scalable Voice Carriage for Contact Centres & BPOs Thursday 26 November 2015 @ 13:17

Cut out the middle-man. Contact centres and BPO operators now have the opportunity to take control of their call delivery with direct access to Australia's largest IP voice network.

Global Voice Termination and Numbering for calls to Australia & New Zealand can be 'insourced' with flexible Contact Centre solutions delivered over an established Tier 1 national network.

High-burst flexibility

Unpredictable traffic peaks from high-intensity call campaigns can challenge even experienced operators. Symbio makes it easy with Voice Burst. A high-availability low-contention voice connection, it is specifically engineered to sustain massive peaks.

Call Centre & BPO voice carriage provider 

This powerful service can be scaled, as needed, to sustain multiple lines, multiple locations and longer traffic peaks. All while maintaining premium quality and absolute reliability.

Clever routing

With Symbio, inbound and outbound carriage is automatically optimised to reduce cost and maximise quality. This delicate balance is achieved through a proprietary Global Routing System (GRS) which leverages 300,000+ hosted endpoints, and global interconnects, to ensure that every call is originated and terminated by the most efficient path.

Local and Toll Free numbers

Provide a dedicated point of contact for Australian or New Zealand customers with local toll free numbers (13, 1300 or 1800) that route calls to International contact centre locations. Or for local operations, use a custom local Dialling Plan to distribute large blocks of Australian or New Zealand DIDs across your organisation. Existing phone numbers can also be ported onto the Symbio Network for easy management in the cloud.

Established Tier 1 network

High-volume calling requires a rock-solid foundation. Symbio's fully interconnected network covers 100% of Australia and New Zealand, with global interconnects delivering traffic into the region. This carrier-grade infrastructure already underpins major Asia-Pacific call centres - delivering Billions of Voice minutes per annum.

Discuss your voice carriage requirements with our expert team on +61 2 9994 8555 or enquire online.



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New Wholesale Plans: NBN, DSL and VoIP with iBoss Tuesday 24 November 2015 @ 07:16

In the increasingly competitive telco landscape, providers have to constantly look for points of differentiation. Of course, having sharp service pricing also helps! A major review to iBoss wholesale NBN, DSL and SIP Trunk/VoIP plans & pricing gives you an additional angle to compete on.

Data plans

Both NBN and DSL wholesale data plans have been simplified and repriced on Symbio's iBoss aggregation platform. The new, reduced iBoss pricing allows providers to effectively compete in an aggressive market. 

Of course, providers on the iBoss platform also have the benefit of aggregated access to all 121 NBN POIs through just one interconnect with iBoss.

SIP / VoIP plan

 New Wholesale NBN, DSL and VoIP plans with iBoss

We love to hear your feedback about you need to compete. You told us that while our SIP trunk automation and ordering system were the best out there, you wanted voice inclusions. We have listened! A fantastic new SIP / VoIP plan is now available with unlimited local, national and mobile calls to Australian numbers (subject to Fair Use Policy).

See how our wholesale voice & data plans compare.

Get the latest plans & pricing, contact our iBoss specialist team online or call 1300 934 042.

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