Call termination for local and international call centres

When your call centre needs explosive scale,

will your carrier keep up?


When your outbound campaigns succeed, you want to scale your sucess. You don't want to be held back by carrier limitations. That's why Symbio Networks is the carrier of choice for fast-growing call centres targeting the Australian market. 


Short-burst, high-intensity call termination to Australia

Other carriers might demand lengthy, inflexible commitments, and take months to deploy services. Only Symbio has the flexibility and capability to enable massive traffic volume at impossibly short notice.

Symbio owns and operates Australia's largest interconnected IP Voice network, purpose-built to support SIP traffic at massive volume with explosive scale.


Common use-cases:
  • Seasonal marketing campaigns
  • Election campaigns
  • Charity or NFP phone-a-thons
  • Short-burst lead generation
  • Polling & market research campaigns


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On-demand scale for call centres

On-demand scale

Plan ahead for seasonal traffic, or respond to fluctuating call volumes. You can add (or downsize) thousands of SIP channels with a single call.


Go direct to Carrier with Symbio Networks

No costly middle-man

Symbio operates Australia's largest IP Voice network. By going direct-to-carrier, you are assured of call termination at the very best price and quality.


Connect your call centre software by API

Connect your software

Integrate your existing CRM, auto-dialler or other business software. Use our powerful APIs to enable voice calling and near real-time data feeds.  




Say goodbye to carrier limitations. Say hello to Symbio.

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