Wholesale Carrier Pre Selection

Automated call routing, seamlessly built into wholesale Voice


Wholesale Carrier Pre-Select in Australia and New Zealand

What is Carrier Pre Selection?

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) uses advanced routing logic to automatically send defined outbound call types through a 'pre-selected' provider. 

CPS is typically sought-out by business and Enterprise. It allows organisations to access our great value call rates, without investing in IP infrastructure or entering special codes.


Why choose Symbio CPS?

With Symbio CPS you can service the lucrative Enterprise market, allowing your customers to route their national or mobile or international calls via the Symbio network.

Our uniquely flexible routing options are designed to compliment your business model. This helps you maximise revenue, while minimising upfront investment. You can choose a simple switchless deployment, or supplement our carrier-grade systems with your own switching capability. We can also accomodate complex traffic with custom routing logic.


Switchless pre-select


Let Symbio make pre-selection fast and easy. Leverage our fully interconnected, Australasian Voice network and high-performance switching capability. 

A switchless service does not require any infrastructure or in-house setup. Simply specify the number of lines and the type of calls to pre-select. Combine with co-location and IP transit for the ultimate low-touch solution.

Call collection pre-select


Extend your capability with Australasian reach and carrier-grade reliability. Collect preselected calls on your network, and efficiently terminate them through Symbio.

By moving to call collection pre-select, you can maximise the return on your infrastructure investment, and simplify 'last leg' wholesale arrangements. For total peace-of-mind add switchless CPS for redundant fail-over.

Combination pre-select


Tailor pre-selection to suit your business model. Create a bespoke combination of switchless and call collection CPS. Let us custom engineer routing logic to fit your needs.

For example, have switchless CPS for national and mobile calls, but use call collection CPS for international calls. We offer a more flexible, collaborative approach that can save you time and maximise your toll revenue.

Make Carrier Pre-Selection part of your Voice solution

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