CoLocation & IP Transit

Cross-connect and co-locate your important IP Voice systems

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in Australia and New Zealand


Why do you need dedicated Data Enablement systems?

Often wholesale Voice solutions require data processing equipment: softswitches, network servers or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. To get the best performance and cost-efficiency out of these assets, we reccomended they be co-located or cross connected.

Why co-locate or cross-connect with Symbio?

Colocation adds your assets to our server racks, within secure Data Facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Alternatively, you can cross-connect your assets with Symbio by fibre or copper link. To cross-connect, your assets need to be housed in the same Data Facility or Peering Exchange, but need not be in the same rack.

Secure co-location


Symbio has established points of presence in Data Hosting Facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Facilities are physically and electonically secured, backed by a 100% uptime guarentee.

Colocation will help you build your primary or redundant transit pathways, essential for maintaining peak IP Voice performance as traffic grows. 

Robust IP transit


Once co-located or cross-connected, your data assets can be enhanced with IP Transit services. This creates a very high-capacity connection for hugely scalable, very low-cost Voice traffic.

Uniquely, Symbio IP Transit can be enabled in deployments smaller than those usually available at wholesale. So you aren't locked into deploying more capacity than you need.



When you combine IP Transit with Co-Location, you get a scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. This is ideal for service providers wishing to lower infrastructure costs with a low-touch solution.

Symbio IaaS is compliant with Australian and New Zealand data management requirements. In addition, our Service Scheduals can be tailored to suit your industry.

Make Co-Location and IP Transit part of your Voice solution

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