Wholesale Call Termination and Origination

Deliver calls and faxes throughout Australasia, across PSTN and VoIP networks

Wholesale Call Termination and Origination in Australia and New Zealand


What is Call Termination and Origination? 

The  Symbio Call and Fax Termination Service (CTS) enables very large-scale delivery of fixed voice calls, mobile calls and fax (T.38 and G711) in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Metro Singapore. CTS provides wholesale customers with a compliant, scalable foundation for terminating and originating Voice-intensive services.


Why Symbio CTS?

Our core IP Voice network is the largest in Australia, delivering Billions of Voice minutes per annum. Our network hosts millions of SIP endpoints and phone numbers, so we are uniquely capable of high quality, conversion-free call termination and origination.

Plus, with global interconnections and switching capability, we're able to deliver wholesale Voice traffic across IP and PSTN networks globally. This carrier-grade infrastructure and routing technology ensures that all calls or transmissions are delivered at the best quality, by the most efficient path. The rock-solid foundation that your customers demand.

Smarter call routing


You're not 'limited' by the Symbio network. We are fully interconnected, enabling a diversity of call paths across IP and PSTN networks worldwide.

If you have a particular routing preference, we can support advanced Pre-Selection. Alternatively, our state-of-the-art Global Routing System (GRS) automatically selects the best quality and lowest-cost route. So you don't have to 'pick' a carrier. Choose Symbio, choose them all.

Carrier-grade scalability


The Symbio network has been engineered using carrier-grade IP infrastructure, including triple redundancy and Tier 1 service level commitments.

Our systems and support processes have been honed by more than a decade as a specialist Voice provider to major CSPs and global organisations. This goes beyond scaling infrastructure. We work proactively behind-the-scenes to ensure nothing interrupts service growth.

Automatic fraud mitigation


You may not realise it, but your network assets are a prime target for cyber criminals wishing to fraudulently use your systems to incur large bills (called toll fraud). 

Toll fraud is virtually undetectable, and can leave you or your customers with crippling debts. That's why calls on the Symbio core network are protected with TollShield™ fraud mitigation. This monitors, detects and blocks toll fraud in real time - saving you thousands.

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