Wholesale DIDs and Porting


Port or acquire Australian and New Zealand local DID phone numbers


Wholesale Number Porting and DID Numbering in Australia and New Zealand


What are DID phone numbers?

Direct Inward Dialling (DID) numbers are unique, individual phone numbers provided as a consecutive block (called a 'dialling plan'). Each DID designates a subscriber (eg. Joe's desk) within a larger PBX phone system. 

DIDs enable users to make and receive calls worldwide. They are essential for business and residential phone services, and act as a gobal identifier for Over-The-Top (OTT) and valued-added Voice services. DIDs are the bedrock of wholesale Voice solutions.


Why choose Symbio DID numbers?

Traditional Telcos use outdated technology that chains your DID phone number to a fixed device or geographic region. Symbio DID phone numbers are fully virtualised and hosted in our Cloud. Consequently they can be used throughout AUS and NZ, across any device.

You can acquire a completely new dialling plan or port existing DIDs to our network. Our carrier-grade Number Porting Tool makes it easy to 'unlock' numbers and steal customers from the traditional Telcos.

Easy to Port


In mature markets like Australia and New Zealand, the key to acquiring new services is migrating customer's numbers away from the incumbent Telcos. 

The Symbio Number Porting Tool is a proprietary web tool which simplifies DID service qualification (SQ), automates the application process, enables real-time carrier access and provides ongoing progress updates. So you enjoy end-to-end control over wholesale DID Porting.

Ready to value-add


Some wholesale VoIP providers do not offer DIDs, so their customers can only make outgoing calls over IP. But Symbio DIDs enable 'two-way' calling, suitable for a range of OTT / Apps and value-added services.

Fully hosted, Symbio DIDs are not limited by Australian or New Zealand number 'zones' - and can be provided to end users regardless of their geographic location. It's a simpler, more flexible option for Voice enablement.

Scale on demand


The Symbio core network hosts millions of endpoints and DID phone numbers. A scale and credibility unmatched in the Australasian wholesale VoIP domain.

Our robust DID hosting service underpins large-scale, high-capacity Voice deployments. Symbio DIDs are used in all manner of wholesale solutions: from offshore contact centres, to government agencies, growing businesses and marketing-leading Voice apps.

Make DID Numbers and Porting part of your Voice solution

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