Wholesale Toll Free Numbers


Port and acquire toll-free phone numbers from Australia and New Zealand


Wholesale Toll Free Phone Numbers for Australia and New Zealand


What are Toll Free phone numbers?

Toll Free numbering is a key element in any wholesale Voice solution. And much in-demand among local businesses, international call centres and Enterprise organisations. 

Toll-Free services are hosted phone numbers which route incoming calls (over the Symbio IP network) to designated endpoints anywhere in the world. Numbers cover all regions of Australia, or New Zealand, and are available as Receiver Pays (1800, 0800) and Shared Cost (1300, 13) variants.


Why choose Symbio Toll Free numbers?

The key to acquiring business and Enterprise customers is being able to create a flexible inbound calling path. Only Symbio makes it quick and easy.

With Symbio, you can acquire new Toll Free numbers in bulk, or port existing numbers to our network. Once acquired, TDM numbers are virtualised to IP and securely hosted. Free from PSTN limitations, Symbio Toll Free numbers are terminated for free within our core network, or may be reliably routed to any endpoint globally.

Painless acquisition


Moving Toll Free numbers between networks used to be painful. Glacial ports. Hazy explanations. Downtime. Lost revenue. Not-so-technical support.

But the Symbio Number Porting Tool eliminates the stress of acquiring Toll Free services. This simple web-based tool automates porting applications and provides a real-time, interactive interface that makes the porting process more transparent. So you won't be left waiting or wondering.

Easy routing and reporting


Symbio Toll Free services include routing options which can be enabled on-demand. It's a quick, low-touch way to deliver sophisticated inbound functionality.

Incoming calls can be routed to ring all endpoints at the same time, or just a selection - based on the time of day or the origin of the call. For real time reporting, inbound call and fax data can be parsed through a robust developer API or displayed in a GUI.

Free termination


The Symbio core network hosts millions of endpoints and phone numbers, providing an unmatched scale of efficiency in the Australasian wholesale VoIP domain.

These cost-efficiencies are passed-on to customers. When you route Toll Free inbound calls to an 'on network' DID or endpoint, we'll waive the usual call termination cost. And if you're routing to international destinations, incoming calls are delivered by the most efficient path.

Make Wholesale Toll Free part of your Voice solution

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