COVID-19 Information Hub

As the global telecom industry manages the impact of COVID-19, find out how we're evolving our network and processes in response, and what this means for your end-customers.


Number porting

Australian number porting

CAT-A porting
Recommenced 06 April 2020

Telstra resumed activity for LNP CAT-A and CAT-C (as the Donor Carrier) requests on 6 April 2020 and they continue to deliver to agreed service levels.

CAT-C porting (Telstra as the Losing Carrier)
Recommenced 18 May 2020

In the period since recommencing CAT-C Complex porting in mid-May, Telstra Wholesale has confirmed their LNP capacity has returned to pre-COVID19 Freeze levels.

Porting Backlog: Symbio has rescheduled, or made bookings for, all CAT-C port requests in-flight prior to the LNP freeze (mid-March to mid-May). Telstra expects to clear their pre-LNP Freeze backlog by mid to late October.

Port Processing: From mid-August Telstra Wholesale restored their port processing capacity (i.e. PNV, CNA and Slot Scheduling activity) to pre-Freeze levels.

New Port Requests: Lead times to complete new porting requests remain to be longer than usual given the volume of the backlog coupled with high demand for porting. Currently, Telstra’s ‘next available’ porting slots have a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks (after passing the PNV/CNA stages).

Symbio Automation: As part of our ongoing service improvement initiatives Symbio recently automated several CAT-C porting stages. PNV and CNA submissions, along with Carrier follow-up when required, are now automated. This is helping improve our overall port processing efficiency.

Symbio continues to work closely with Telstra to ensure our interests, and most importantly those of our Customers, are well represented.

Symbio LNP Status Update

There has been no interruption to our porting activities. We continue to process all non-Telstra porting requests (port in / port out) in accordance with the LNP lead times.

Emergency Services

Telstra has advised LNP activities related to Emergency Services will be considered on a case by case basis. If your customers do have a legitimate request, please submit to Symbio via our Porting Escalations email address (

Other porting continues

Only Telstra porting is affected. Ports from other carriers, such as Optus and TPG, continue, although you may experience significant delays. 

The Symbio porting team are based in Australia and continue to operate. We are working extended shifts to clear backlog and ensure continuity. 


Legacy phone and internet

ISDN, PSTN and ADSL services


  • ADSL, ISDN and PSTN disconnections have been suspended, with no date provided for this to recommence
  • End customers can continue using these services for the time being
  • Service providers are advised to plan to move customers to SIP Trunks or Hosted Voice and NBN or Fibre 



Customer service

Customer support hours 

  • Telstra helpdesk has reduced support hours
  • Symbio support hours remain the same, and in many cases we are working extended hours to resolve faults - please be mindful of significant support volumes at this time
  • Where we need to work with Telstra to resolve a fault, the service time may be significantly longer than normal


Last updated 7 September, 2020