Symbio Commences Build of National Aggregation Network in Australia Monday 14 December 2009 @ 13:16


We are proud to announce that we have commenced building our National IP aggregation network through-out Australia. Our national network will reach all the capital cities (except Darwin). "The purpose of this network is to provide low latency, high quality transport for VoIP traffic, to and from Symbio's Wholesale VoIP customers" commented Rene Sugo, Symbio's Technical Director.

In a recent customer survey, our customers indicated that quality and reliability was paramount from their Wholesale VoIP suppliers. The new network that we are building will allow us to reach our customers, wherever they are in Australia on our own quality-controlled IP network, allowing us to ensure the highest level of Quality-of-Service for their voice traffic.

The network will reach all capital cities (with the exception of Darwin), and will allow customers to hand-off traffic to us through direct Ethernet cross connect, or through local IP peering exchanges.

"Symbio is focused to become the Wholesale VoIP provider of choice in the region, by delivering high quality, solid reliability and exceptional customer service. This additional infrastructure moves us closer to our goals, and stands us apart from any other Wholesale VoIP provider in the region" says Rene Sugo.

The nationwide aggregation network builds on an existing IP footprint which already extends across the Tasman to New Zealand (Auckland) and South East Asia (Singapore)

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