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Simplified A-Z routing over Tier 1 network Thursday 30 July 2015 @ 17:27

Domestic wholesale customers can now leverage Symbio's international reach, Tier 1 quality and a simplified A-Z routing structure with fewer destination breakouts.

With the recent acquisition of TNZI, Symbio has adopted the Tier 1 global network's A-Z routing table to deliver a more streamlined experience to our customers. This includes:

- improved & simplified routing table,

- increased quality with direct routing,

- faster responsiveness to rates fluctuations.

A-Z routing with pre-select and override capability on the Symbio VoIP Wholesale Network

Combine with Pre-select & Override services

The updated A-Z routing combined with Symbio's national Australian network completes our Pre-select offering. Symbio's Australian carrier connectivity together with a global reach makes Symbio's Pre-select service the #1 in the market.

Why pay high traffic rates to your line rental supplier? With Pre-select & Override services from Symbio, you can explore traffic routing options and ensure you get the best value. Pre-select is a switchless service that gives you the option to dictate which carrier is used for routing traffic, while allowing you to keep your line rental as is.

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