ACOMM Awards Win Monday 28 August 2017 @ 15:38

Symbio sister company MyNetFone recently took out the ACOMMS Awards for its Pulse innovation. Pulse is an enterprise-level call management solution designed to intelligently manage and disperse unpredictable surges in traffic, depending on the quantity and location of incoming calls.

Due to the nature of government agencies and utility services, they will often receive sudden and unpredictable peaks in call traffic. These can be brought on by natural disasters, power outages or any other number of unexpected major events.


MyNetFone’s Pulse has a variety of flexible features that allow the managing staff on duty to relieve the pressure of call traffic surges in seconds. Pulse is currently operational in government owned utilities servicing 2.4 million customers in the greater Sydney area.

This is the second consecutive year that an MNF Group brand has taken out an ACOMMS Award, with Symbio winning the award in 2016 for its TollShield innovation.

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