Acquisition of GoTalk Wholesale Thursday 28 February 2013 @ 15:04

Rounding out a big & busy year for Symbio, the company acquired its long-time competitor GoTalk Wholesale on 31st December 2012 after a year-long negotiation process. GoTalk is a Sydney based voice carrier that has built up a formidable wholesale operation over 10 years since its inception.

The acquisition has contributed to making Symbio one of the largest wholesale voice networks in Australia, and includes:

1. GoTalk Wholesale customers and novation of their contracts, where applicable
2. Network infrastructure, assets and associated software
3. Intellectual property

Why acquire?


Symbio Acquires GoTalk Wholesale

The compelling rationale and strategic benefits of the acquisition for Symbio include: 


 -  Strategic opportunity to eliminate an active market competitor
 -  Adds scale with an incremental 1.2 Billion minutes of voice traffic per year
 -  Eliminates an active Carrier Access Code (CAC) from the market. 
 -  Builds customer base with 40 performing wholesale customer contracts
 -  Adds approximately 9000 inbound 1300/1800 wholesale services
 -  Enormous long term synergy potential

Implementation & Integration

Symbio is already well underway in implementing complex 24-month technical integration plan, with the aim of optimising service delivery to customers and delivering large synergy savings.

The GoTalk wholesale network is made up of many small disparate legacy hardware and software systems that are complex to operate and maintain. Part of the integration will see Symbio migrating GoTalk's voice traffic onto Symbio's state of the art national VoIP operating platforms and shutting down GoTalk's older network infrastructure systems and expensive supply arrangements.

Symbio will be deploying its own intellectual property and know-how in order to achieve consolidation and maximise the synergy opportunities. Such technologies as Global Route Selector (our intelligent routing software), and SONAR (our OSS/BSS system) are just a few examples of where Symbio plans to add value.

Insight from the CEO

Q: The GoTalk acquisition by Symbio generated a lot of interest in the industry, how did you personally find the experience of negotiating and acquiring a long-time competitor?

Rene Sugo: The overall experience was quite bizarre. Especially that it took so long and the deal kept changing over time. It was pretty exciting to finally get it over the line, because it represents a significant amount of growth to Symbio. It will no doubt be a challenge to migrate services onto our network, but we will be successful, and our customers will end up with a better provider and overall level of infrastructure. It was definitely the right thing for us to do, and really places us in a unique position in the Australian voice market.

Q: GoTalk and Symbio were competitors since way back, what do you think gave Symbio the edge to ultimately be in a position to acquire a rival?

Rene Sugo: I really believe that our advantage over GoTalk was our intellectual property. We have developed some great systems and processes in our business, and that has really allowed us to differentiate ourselves and scale much more profitably than our competitors. Voice is a tough commodity market, and anyone trying to make a living on selling minutes alone is going to find it very tough indeed. Service providers need to find ways of creating value for their customers - and Symbio does this by developing software systems that allow our customers to do more than just minutes. Things like fast and efficient number porting, hosting of SIP end-points and trunks, billing services, and advanced functionality like Virtual PBX and Virtual Fax are all key value added services which Symbio has developed over the years. We all continue to innovate in the future, looking at developing more software and functionality, and the minutes will become more of a by-product of our software services.

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