Keys to a Goldmine of Data Monday 30 November 2015 @ 11:17

The telecom industry is ripe for innovation & disruption. With the recent consolidation at the top tier, there is more opportunity than ever for specialised next-generation providers to grow into the 'mid tier' of the market.

What telco OTT & analytics innovators need to succeed, is a network that supports them in doing things differently.  A frequent complaint is the failure of traditional carriers to provide access to in-depth call data records, which impedes the next-gen providers from gaining crucial insights and powering their value-added service tools.

Symbio believes that the more innovation there is in the telco market, the better. We don't hold back - when using our network, providers have access to full, meaningful raw data for their voice traffic.

 Full data access for call analytics with Symbio

Another way Symbio facilitates the healthy growth of the telecom market is the low cost of entry and range of connectivity options that service all providers including IP.

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