Choice for Voice on the NBN Thursday 13 July 2017 @ 14:01

Your customers don’t have a choice whether they move to the NBN, and neither do you.

In fact, making decisions around NBN services can generally seem quite restrictive. NBN Co’s rigid pricing structure has left most providers starved for choice when choosing a wholesale carrier, with the many options available all offering similar pricing, speeds and inclusions.

When it comes to NBN, one of the big differentiators is not broadband, but voice. VoIP over NBN allows you to provide a complete future-proof communications solution with the added bonus of providing an additional revenue stream with significant margin.


Flexible voice options

When it’s time to transition to the NBN, a lot of people stick to the default voice service that comes with their broadband, not knowing the choices available. Some carriers will even force you to bundle your service with them, only offering a voice service if you purchase broadband service too. But with Symbio’s iBoss platform you can pick and choose the NBN services you need. iBoss not only offers NBN broadband, it also provides a flexible voice solution allowing you to provide a VoIP service tailored to your customer.

If your customers want to continue using a regular phone handset when they inevitably move to the NBN, the iBoss platform allows you to activate a voice service in under a minute. In technical talk, a SIP endpoint is provisioned through the UNI-D port on the NBN connection box.

This is an advantage over the alternative UNI-V port used by other providers which offers a service similar to the outdated legacy landline network and doesn’t offer the flexibility that comes with IP communications. Or if your customer is ready to go completely virtual, they can ditch the hardware altogether and have calls redirected to their mobile phone instead.


While it’s great to have these flexible voice options available for your customers, you first need a carrier that can navigate Telstra’s short porting turnover. The iBoss portal allows you to log a porting request in real-time, making sure your customers’ numbers are safe.

There’s plenty of choice with the NBN, if you know where to look. Let iBoss help you offer a flexible voice solution for your customers, speak to one of our helpful sales staff about iBoss capabilities on 1300 789 653.