Championing your needs on the Communications Alliance Board Friday 27 November 2015 @ 13:19

Not willing to abide by the status quo, Symbio has long questioned established standards, advocated for change to promote competition and create increased opportunities for specialised providers like you.

We are now one step further, with the election of Symbio's parent company's CEO Rene Sugo to the Communications Alliance board.

As a telco provider that operates across all levels of the Australian telecommunications market - Symbio has a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities industry players like yourself face at retail, wholesale and regulatory levels.

From building a national VoIP network from scratch, being the first provider to achieve full voice interconnect in a decade, we’ve been at the coalface of the industry transition to next-generation services. 

 Symbio part of the Communications Alliance

Symbio will bring this commitment to the Communications Alliance. On your behalf, we will champion a vision for a new era of fair competition and innovation in the Australian telecommunications industry.



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