Continued Growth Trajectory for MNF Group Thursday 03 March 2016 @ 11:47

Symbio’s parent MNF Group has delivered another half year of strong growth, with revenue up 177% to $84 million for H1 FY16.

The success is attributed to a combination of strong organic growth among MNF Group’s companies, and contribution from the TNZI global wholesale network, acquired in April 2015.

The company now plans to invest in increasing the capacity and presence of its global voice network, and exporting home-grown Symbio innovations to the world via TNZI.

Global Expansion
MNF Group

As part of the network upgrade, TNZI finalised expansion of its point of presence (PoP) in the United Kingdom last year and was granted a carrier license in the United States in December 2015. The network also plans to establish another PoP in Hong Kong with commissioning expected to begin in May 2016.

While the Group now operates across multiple international offices, the Symbio team remains Australian-based and focused on in-house innovation. Meanwhile, Symbio’s international customers stand to benefit from a global network operations centre.

Ongoing Innovation

MNF Group has its own research and development capabilities and intellectual property that has allowed it to stay ahead of the pack in the telecoms industry. The Group, along with Symbio Networks, embrace new service models to create software assets like SaaS toll fraud mitigation, wholesale aggregation and MVNO.