Creating a New SIP Trunk with Symbio: Customer Testimonial Thursday 28 April 2016 @ 17:21

It takes just minutes to create SIP Trunk services for your clients with Symbio’s automated & user-friendly iBoss wholesale platform.
Don’t take our word for it – long-time iBoss user Kangaroo Tech, a Melbourne-based telco and IT specialist, has been able to deliver SIP Trunk services to its customers faster than the competition.

“A new SIP Trunk or End Point for our customers can be provisioned in less than 5 minutes allowing us to close opportunities quicker than other local providers,” said Kangaroo Tech’s founder, Luke Comande.

“Our partnership with iBoss has helped us provision Layer 3 and VoIP services including SIP Trunks, End points and DIDs by the easy-to-use ASPIRE portal and competitive pricing.”

SIP Trunks and SIP Endpoints delivered on the Symbio network and deployed via the highly automated iBoss platform have been the key to deploying cost effective, quick-to-market communications services across government and enterprise alike.

Another IT specialist relying on iBoss is software company Axient, who focuses on the digital automation of documents and forms. Anxient was able to provide its customers with premium services with little or no assistance.

“The iBoss Aspire Portal provides a completely ‘self-service’ interface allowing Axient to promptly and efficiently assign and re-assign IP telephony resources without the assistance of Symbio Networks, except in exceptional cases where their assistance is as proficient as ever,” said Axient’s John Garwood.