Enabling the Transition to Collaborative Services Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:35

The telco world is moving towards collaborative services, a workspace that integrates IP communications, voice, data and collaboration products and services into the one unified system. 

Symbio started off offering innovative voice services over our Software Defined Network. This was the building blocks that underpinned Unified Communications platforms, voice apps, IP PBXs and other OTT providers. We continued to grow, including managed SIP Trunks, cloud numbers, 4G mobile and broadband. Customers can choose a solution that’s as complex or as basic as they need to suit their business.


It’s a two pronged approach: Invest in developing innovative and competitive technology and then work with our partners to develop targeted solutions tailored for their business. We fit our customers, so you can offer something slightly managed or the full blown suite. And there’s plenty more on the Symbio radar to look out for.


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