Helping you stay informed Thursday 30 August 2018 @ 12:20

As a wholesale provider, Symbio is the buffer between our customers and the regulatory minefield of the telco industry. Recently, there’s been a heightened focus on how service providers handle potentially personal information. We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight Symbio’s protocol when recording and monitoring voice calls for quality assurance purposes.

If an end-user reports a problem with their voice service, Symbio will investigate the issue. It’s a priority to identify and repair any issues as soon as we are made aware of them. In some circumstances we will need to analyse a call recording in order to improve service quality. On this basis, it is important that the service providers inform the end-user before a call is intercepted and analysed.


Legislation states that service providers are to “ensure private telecommunications are not intercepted or accessed without the knowledge of those involved in that communication.” No matter who your customer is, if calls are being recorded it is important to notify them before it happens.

Notification does not have to be a formal process. It can be written in an email or explained in conversation – whatever you feel is appropriate for that customer. It’s our approach to remain proactive when navigating our customers through service legislation. We will continue to support our customers throughout their partnership with us by providing important information that may impact your business. Stay tuned for more updates.

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