iBoss Fast-Tracks Mobile Service for Disadvantaged Australians Thursday 03 March 2016 @ 11:37

Symbio Network’s iBoss platform has helped fast-track a new mobile service to market. Better Life Mobile provides disadvantaged and low income Australians with affordable mobile phone plans.

iBoss delivered an order and service management platform which was integrated with Better Life Mobile’s billing platform and mobile network operator. The collaboration allowed the new service to be accelerated to market and available to those in need.

Market Diversity

With the entry of supermarket mobile contenders and specialised start-ups, like Better Life Mobile, the Australian market is becoming more diverse, creating opportunities for organisations from non-telco backgrounds. 

However, the problem these new carriers face is the lack of ready-to-use retail systems. New entrants need to either build a complete platform themselves at high expense, or integrate their systems with an industry-proven order and service management platform like iBoss.CEO of Symbio parent MNF Group, Rene Sugo, believes the partnership also gave the new mobile operator better preparation for immediate and future expenses.

“By partnering with iBoss, Better Life Mobile had predictable CAPEX from the start as well as knowing what their ongoing OPEX will be,” he said.

iBoss is a modular platform that gives operators the choice of aggregation, billing, order and service management capabilities – or a full end-to-end solution. Find out more about iBoss capabilities.