Introducing Big Data Mobile Plans Wednesday 14 February 2018 @ 14:38

To keep up with the growing demand for data, Symbio has introduced some new plan options for MVNO customers to accommodate heavy users. Customers providing a mobile service through Symbio can now offer end-users 20GB and 30GB per month data plans. This is to accompany the existing range of plans between 1GB and 15GB per month.

It’s no secret that mobile data usage is on the rise. Every year more customers are purchasing plans with a larger data capacity. According to the 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey by Deloitte, 23% of all new phones purchased in 2017 had a data limit greater than 10GB, almost doubling from the previous year. Of those 23% on the higher end of the usage scale, around a third had plans of 20GB or more.


The study found that the rise in data consumption was being assisted by the increased adoption of 4G technology. With more mobile phone users accessing much faster downloads, end-users are churning through their monthly quota much faster.

Symbio MVNO mobile service comes complete with API support, a white-labelled mobile app and a 3G & 4G mobile coverage footprint of 98.8% of the population.

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