Tuesday 21 December 2004 @ 00:00

MyFone, a brand-new Sydney, Australia IP (Internet Protocol) telecommunications company, has been able to jump to the front quickly with the help of telecom system integrator Symbio Networks and technology vendor Emergent Network Solutions.  Using Emergents ENTICE (Emergent Network Telecommunications Infrastructure Control Environment), an industry leading all-in-one IP call control platform, Symbio was able to build a next-generation VoIP network for MyFone that instantly rivals larger network providers withmuch larger budgets.

MyFone's service quality and reliability competes head-to-head; the company also offers a rich feature set, customer self-provisioning, and the ability to scaleto over 500,000 customers.  Best of all, Symbio was able to complete MyFone's build-out in just four weeks' time, from zero to startupproving that alternative, IP-based telcos needn't spend monthsor millionsin order to make quick inroads in the fast-changing telecom industry.

"Our business strategy is to exploit two emerging opportunities in Australia," said Kenneth Leung, Vice President/Sales for MyFone. "One is to capture a significant share of the VoIP market by gaining first-mover advantage in our market areas.  The other is to be the leading provider of international long distance prepaid calling cards, since so many Australians are multi-cultural and make international calls to friends and family."

"MyFone was able to establish the first VoIP point of presence in Sydney by aggressively seeking a turnkey solution for planning, deployment, and ongoing support.  They've been able to provision thousands of customers in their first few weeks of business by offering a dependable, high quality product," noted Rene Sugo, Director of Symbio Networks.  "ENTICE has been a key factor in that success."

ENTICE is Emergent's flagship open-solutions platform that provides carrier-grade call control, translations, routing and element provisioning for a network of H.323, SIP or H.248 based network elements. Comprised of the ENTICE softswitch and ENTICE session controller, the platform also incorporates ELICIT (Emergent Local Integrated Carrier Internet Telephony), a feature package that delivers a wide range of local and enhanced services including voicemail, call forwarding/transfer/waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, unified messaging, conferencing and much more.

"Because ENTICE is a technology-agnostic platform, it supports all major IP vendors including Cisco, Grandstream, Azatel, Sipura, SNOM, Audiocodes, and NetComm," notes Sugo. "This makes it easier for MyFone or its customers to find and obtain the best, most available endpoint products. ENTICE gives users competitive advantages even beyond deployment."

"Quality in the telecom field is more than just voice quality. It's the end-to-end experiencefrom the customer picking up the phone, dialing the digits, and talking, to hanging up the phone," added Wendy Liew, MyFone's Vice President/Group Marketing and Carriers Relationships. "Our customers have to feel that the experience is so 'normal' that it's no different from a traditional service.  In fact, we want them to 'forget' the service is there."

In addition to installing the ENTICE platform, Symbio established MyFone's co-location service, set up the billing system, arranged carrier interconnect services and integrated routers, firewalls and gateways to complete a total turnkey system. The final solution was less expensive than comparable solutions from other major suppliers

"Symbio's ENTICE network has allowed us to deploy a very cost-effective network whilst providing all the key features and functionality required of a next generation product," explained MyFones Leung. "By identifying a technology partner like Symbio, we can focus on marketing and sales while Symbio takes care of all matters relating tothe infrastructure. We are confident that Symbio and ENTICE will be able to help us achieve our expansion plans."