Multi Level Porting the Next Step In LNP Tuesday 06 August 2013 @ 14:00

While the future of phone numbers is being evaluated in the regulatory circles, Symbio has made further strides to simplify number porting in the current conditions.


Multi-level number porting available with Symbio Networks Wholesale Carriage and Managed Voice Services

More porting processes are now available for customers that want the full B2B experience, with the introduction of multi-level porting, and Porting API trial.

The multi-level porting solution is ideal if you want to reduce processing bottle-necks and allow your sub-wholesalers to self-sufficiently port numbers, while you retain full visibility and management control. This will reduce the resource burden and costs for you, with less paperwork being processed by your own team.

Wholesalers using the Symbio network now have access to multiple pathways to suit your porting volume:

  • Ticket requests for low runrate
  • Online Portal 
  • Multi-level Porting
  • API for high volume porting requirements

Symbio is still actively involved in regulatory porting reform, but while the industry awaits change - Symbio is investing in making the porting process easier today.

If you want the full automation of multi-level porting, contact +61 2 9994 8555 to find out more.