MVNO isn't complete without API functionality Thursday 26 October 2017 @ 11:07

As a new-generation carrier of choice in the Australian wholesale market, Symbio focuses on empowering our customers. We do this by complementing our products with self-service API capability. So far we’ve had a hugely positive response to the API functionality we’ve rolled out to support our voice services. So when it came time to add MVNO to our suite, we wouldn’t offer customers anything less.

Symbio’s mobile API was developed in-house by our R&D team. It allows customers to plug-in service control functionality directly from within their own Operations Support Systems and portals. This means they can manage accounts and create new orders without leaving their own ecosystem.

Without API support, staff have to middle-manage orders, manually handling customer requests and raising them in the wholesale systems. This results in slow provisioning times, higher overheads, poor user experience and puts new MVNO players entering the market at a huge disadvantage.


Don’t be burdened by the limitations of your provider. If you’re thinking mobile, choose someone that lets you sit in the driver seat.

To find out more about our mobile API or providing your own MVNO service, enquire online or call 1300 789 653.