MVNO Sub-Wholesale Launch Monday 28 August 2017 @ 15:31

Symbio has launched a new sub-wholesale MVNO offering following a new agreement secured with Telstra wholesale. The offering is in addition to the existing agency MVNO service launched last year. Symbio customers entering the mobile market will now have unprecedented management capabilities when it comes to their own consumers, including the ability to bill directly, allowing for increased pricing and margin flexibility.

“Symbio and MNF Group have a proven track record of delivering innovative, first to market solutions for our customers,” said CEO Rene Sugo.

“While our agency MVNO offer has been welcomed by wholesale customers, we also found that there was a growing demand for services through a sub-wholesale model. This new MVNO offer will give our customers unprecedented control over their own consumers when it comes to billing and communication; we simply deliver the SIM card and the 4G mobile coverage.”


The MVNO service comes complete with API support, allowing you to plug-in service functionality to place any new orders and manage customer accounts from within your own ecosystem. Symbio also offers a white labelled mobile app, so you can add your own branding and provide your customers with a professional and personalised interface to check usage and balances.

Symbio will continue to offer its agency model MVNO service for customers who don’t want to assume billing and management responsibilities.

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