Symbio Wholesale NBN solution and Voice Managed Services Add On Thursday 10 May 2012 @ 12:00

Having signed the NBN WBA a couple of month ago, Symbio has now completed the technical testing for fibre and is set to achieve full accreditation in the next couple of days - keep an eye on our blog for the announcement!

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In addition, Symbio has also kick-started the Wireless Trial with NBN Co in response to our customer feedback. Our aim is to maximise the solution portfolio of our customers and provide services that suit the different needs and locations of their end users.

NBN Service Roll Out

Symbio is expecting to deploy wholesale NBN services in NSW in June and will be working with a number of wholesale trial customers to ensure a smooth delivery of the NBN services & operational solutions.


Following the NSW deployment, Symbio will focus on establishing permanent POIs in Tasmania. This is a significant development, as we will be one of only a few direct wholesalers making the investment to offer NBN services in Tasmania. Symbio sees this is a key opportunity to give our customers access to a long-overlooked market, and to give Tasmanian end-users a wider choice of providers and an alternative to the big Telcos.

Once NSW and Tasmania projects are completed, Symbio will focus on finalising the interim sites in the rest of the country over the next few months, followed by a steady rollout to the permanent POIs.

Voice over NBN

Symbio has always believed in a ‘building block' approach to solutions that maximise flexibility rather than restricting our customers, and has provided a hosted VoIP Managed service as a stand-alone product for many years. Therefore, if you are taking access direct from NBN Co or another provider and looking to compliment your solution and differentiate in this market we believe voice is the key. We have already received very positive feedback from customers who have trialled our Voice solutions and features over their own NBN access, including fixed, wireless and satellite connection types.

Building Block approach

We also agree with the market that number porting is critical and have invested heavily in our number porting solution, which includes a unique LNP qualification checker and real-time updates, with fully bi-lateral number porting agreements in place with all major Australian Telco's.

Contact your Account Manager to set up a demonstration of the LNP process.

We welcome expressions of interest from companies looking for a wholesale NBN solution or a Voice Managed Services - please contact your Symbio Account Manager or fill out the Sales enquiry form with details about which areas you are looking to target (national coverage or specific locales) and the services you require.

To find out more, send an enquiry to +61 2 9994 8555.