Network Reinvestment Leads to New Partnership with Juniper Thursday 28 February 2019 @ 09:02

Following a new partnership with Juniper Networks, Symbio will reinvest into its national MPLS network to further position itself as the one-to-beat in the Australian wholesale market. Our wholesale customers are continually innovating, and as market leaders Symbio creates an environment that enables ingenuity. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the ability to work autonomously, as if it were their own network, and we’ve worked hard to separate ourselves from the incumbents. We need to stay ahead so our customers can stay ahead, because your success is our success.

Let’s talk about innovation

The rhetoric in the Australian telco space can get repetitive. Every day we hear claims of new services and robust offerings, but it’s the same old story: ‘The telco who cried innovation’. After a while, these claims begin to lose credibility. In reality, many operators are milking their assets as long as possible. They’re cutting staff and cutting corners, continuing to use an adequate solution with an ‘innovative’ claim slapped on top. Symbio however, has earned its current success through a long history of in-house development and strategic investments. We’re continually looking for new ways to form the framework that will support the ongoing technological evolution.


Why now is the right time

Our customers expect a lot from us. We support some of the largest Government operations in the country, including state government headquarters and utilities supporting millions of customers. We’re chosen for our ability to innovate and adapt to the unique needs of our customers and give them the best service the market can offer. With globalisation transforming the world, there’s more data being transferred than ever. That’s why now is the time to boost that forward trajectory, as we lay the trackwork for our customers’ future success. We are beating the others to the punch and reinvesting into the network of tomorrow.

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