Managed SIP Trunking Service Wednesday 11 December 2013 @ 13:13

SIP Trunking allows you to increase your addressable market by targeting the business and enterprise space.


Symbio new service: Managed SIP Trunking for Wholesale

With increasing numbers of businesses upgrading to IP PBXs and focusing on making the most of this investment, demand for SIP Trunking is reaching new heights.

Most certified SIP Trunking service

Symbio has the most certified SIP Trunking network in Australia, which has been tested & approved for interoperability with the majority of trusted PBX brands including Microsoft Lync as part of the MyNetFone Group. The service can be directly connected to a large number of approved IP PBXs and can even connect to traditional PBX via a gateway.

End-users can easily save between 30-60% on their phone costs with SIP Trunking, as compared to traditional landlines. With such a strong value proposition, SIP Trunking makes a solid strategic addition to complement your other voice or data services.


Don't miss out on offering a comprehensive range of voice solutions to your end-users and further expanding your addressable market.

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