No Christmas bonus for fraudsters Tuesday 01 November 2016 @ 16:45

While the end of the year is usually a time for celebration, it can be disastrous for unprepared telecommunications providers. Don’t give cyber fraudsters their Christmas bonus this year, make sure you and your customers are protected from toll fraud. All Call Termination Services (CTS) on the Symbio network are protected by
TollShield – the only real-time fraud detection platform in the market.

Service providers are particularly vulnerable during holiday periods as fraudsters take advantage of skeleton staff on duty. With fewer staff available to monitor and respond to fraud attempts, incidents can go on undetected. Don’t leave your network, and your reputation, open to attack.

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Over the 2015 Christmas period from 21st-25th December, TollShield stopped four major fraud attacks and blocked 5,125 fraudulent call attempts on the Symbio network alone.

The most significant prevented incident occurred on Christmas Eve, where 4,474 calls were attempted to 186 countries. Without adequate protection these kinds of attacks can cost providers and their customers into the hundreds of thousands.

With your Call Termination Services (CTS) on Symbio’s own IP network, you’ll automatically be protected by the multi-award winning TollShield platform - capable of analysing billions of calls and blocking toll fraud attempts as they happen.

Get your CTS with Symbio before the end-of-year embargo and make sure you’re protected over the holiday period.

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