Offer fault-free service with our dual redundancy solution Wednesday 14 February 2018 @ 14:39

Faults are inevitable. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control, networks can experience latency or even outages that can affect your customers’ service - and your reputation. While you can’t control these unexpected events, you can control how well equipped you are to deal with them when they happen.

Symbio offers its customers fault-free connectivity with its Active/Passive dual redundancy solution. We effectively offer wholesale customers connectivity to 2 data centres, 2 soft switches and 2 paths for their voice traffic. Providing two unique and geographically diverse pathways allows us to interchange a connection route to always provide the strongest pathway. By offering both pathways through Symbio, you remove the need of having to deal with a second provider and make some significant cost savings in doing so.


Symbio is a tier 1 carrier-grade network and the largest VoIP interconnected carrier, covering 100% of Australia & New Zealand and interconnecting with major international carriers. We ensure our call traffic is routed by the most efficient means possible, to maximise call quality and margin.

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