Phone Numbers in the Cloud Age Monday 06 May 2013 @ 14:22


'Cloud' is far from a new buzz word if telecommunications, but recently it has been gaining more prominence and increasingly filtering into mainstream terminology. 

 Symbio Networks presentation at CommsDay Sydney 2013

Discussion about the Cloud tends to be very conceptual and high level, but what real implications does the Cloud have for communication providers, users and their phone numbers?

In a recent presentation at CommsDay Sydney Summit, this question was addressed by Rene Sugo, CEO of the MyNetFone Group (parent company of Symbio Networks) during the 'Data Centres & the Cloud' session.  

Rene attemped to pull the ‘Cloud' out of the sky and bring discussion to a real usage level focusing on its impact on the telecommunications industry. The presentation covered concepts including: 

  • Evolution of Modern Communications
  • Logic of the Numbering Plan & why it no longer applies
  • Disassociation of numbers & infrastructure, with number porting into the Cloud fastracking decline of PSTN
  • Implication for Telco providers - if voice is now just an app, who gets the revenue?
  • Case Studies of new apps & services bypassing the Telco providers