Pre-Select Now Available Thursday 27 February 2014 @ 14:19

The much-anticipated preselect feature for national calls is now available from Symbio Networks.

Pre-Select is a wholesale service for Symbio customers who have a complete switchless solution, as well as those who have their own switching capability.

Carrier Preselect Service on the Symbio Wholesale VoIP Network

Pre-Select offers a more streamlined and elegant solution to maximise the use of your service for defined call types. Customers on a standard PSTN phone line can choose to have their national, mobile or international traffic routed via the Symbio network to achieve call cost savings without needing to enter a special code or special equipment.


This is a great opportunity to complement your voice offering for both switched and switchless solutions.

To find out more about Pre-Select with Symbio Networks, contact our Sales Team on +61 2 9994 8555.