Project 66 Completion Gives National Coverage Wednesday 27 February 2013 @ 14:15

Symbio has expended direct connectivity to all 66 Australian Call Collection Area (CCAs), now delivering more choice for providers in regional Australia.

Project 66, commenced in the second half of 2012, was completed ahead of time - delivering connectivity to 47 CCAs by December 2012, in addition to Symbio's previous connectivity at 19 CCAs.

The project was an integral part of Symbio's commitment to improving communications in regional areas of Australia, and involves a $3 million investment over three years to cover the expansion costs, increased IP transit options and business data products.

Symbio's Project 66 Completion of network rollout to all 66 Australian CCAs 

Nation-wide connectivity will bring Symbio's wholesale services such as national Number Porting and hosting in the cloud, and more competitive 1300 / 1800 number products to service providers specialising in regional or even NBN rollout areas. Additional benefits at the wholesale level will also include pre-selection and over-ride services that leverage Symbio's lower call termination charges.

With national CCA connectivity in place, the Symbio team will now be focusing on rolling out new wholesale product features over the next 6 months.

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