Reviewed Pricing for iBoss Data Plans Monday 28 August 2017 @ 15:37

Since Symbio started selling NBN services through iBoss three years ago, we’ve been consistently building our NBN technology suite. We now offer our customers all fixed line connection methods, as well as fixed wireless NBN.

Due to the growth in our NBN services uptake, we can now pass on some cost savings across our NBN data plans to our Wholesale Customers. We have also reduced the cost of some of our Optus ULL data plans.

We have introduced the following improvements:


- Price of NBN & DSL plans reviewed

The cost of most of our NBN plans have been reduced, some by as much as $7 per month. Unlimited NBN plans have been reduced to the same or less cost as our old 510GB plans, and so we have removed 510GB plans on NBN services.

Optus ULL plans have also been reduced by up to $4 per month.

- Updated Price Book

The pricing table in the iBoss price book has been updated and simplified so customers can identify the price point of each option more clearly. We’ve also adjusted contract cancellation fees, with a pro-rata cost for 24-month plans instead of one flat fee.

- Extra NBN speed option

We’ve introduced NBN 50/20Mbps, so you can give your end-users four speed options to choose from.

The new plans are active now, available through the iBoss Aspire portal. Existing services will not be affected by the new plans. Any existing services will be ‘grandfathered’, meaning that no changes will be made to pricing or inclusions and they will continue to remain on those plans.

To find out more information on iBoss, enquire online and one of our team will be in touch.