Special Numbers Hosting New Capabilities Friday 11 May 2012 @ 14:00

Recognising the opportunity this presents to our customers to cater to end-user needs, Symbio has undertaken a major redevelopment of our Special Number service with a focus on ease of use, reliability, features and functionality.

Special number including 13/1300 and 1800 are increasingly becoming vital to business success.

 The feedback from our customers and their end-users has highlighted the need for:

- Flexible service as end user profiles are vastly different - from a large-scale call centre to a local tradesman

 - Simple provisioning with no downtime (number setup at the time of order placement)

 - User-friendly online system 

 - Real time changes 

 - Advanced routing features

 - Ability to maximise on-net capability or IP termination

Our solution directly hosts the 13/1300 and 1800 numbers on our carrier-grade network. We see this deployment as phase 1 and will be continually developing additional on-net and off-net routing options. We provide the flexibility required to tailor solutions for different segments of the market, ensuring the most cost-effective solution for your customer opportunity. This includes large traffic users, such as call centres, with a focus on network reliability, fail over and security; and smaller businesses that require ‘smart routing' embedded in the number.

We leverage off our IP network to provide a competitive ‘termination leg' rate and provide free on-net termination when combined with our Geo numbers.

The service is designed to handle all number types, and our smart portal streamlines the order/modify process by presenting only the relevant fields depending on services selected. This maximises efficiency, fast-tracks order speed and ensures no time is wasted. 

Find out more about Symbio's Special Number service -

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