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Strong Uptake of Managed SIP Trunking with Microsoft Lync Monday 03 March 2014 @ 00:00

The Managed SIP Trunking service announce in December 2013 has generated a lot of interest and shown strong take up.

Symbio Managed SIP Trunking Service compatible with Microsoft Lync Server

An interesting insight is that the majority of customers are using the Managed SIP Trunking service with Microsoft Lync. Indeed, our network as part of the MyNetFone Group is the only Australian network officially certified to interwork with the Microsoft Lync server.

SIP Trunking can connect your client's Lync server to the public phone network via IP, enabling them to capitalise on the full range of Lync call features while achieving significant savings on call costs.

The Managed SIP service can also be directly connected to a large number of approved IP PBXs and can even connect to traditional PBX via a gateway.

Increasing numbers of businesses are upgrading to IP PBXs and Lync - don't miss the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and expand your addressable market to target this business and enterprise segment.

With a strong value proposition, SIP Trunking makes a solid strategic addition to complement your other voice or data services.

Discover the benefits of Managed SIP Trunking for your customer - contact the Symbio team on +61 2 9994 8555 or find out more online.