Thursday 26 March 2009 @ 00:00

NZ POP Upgrade - Wholesale VoIPSymbio Networks Pty Ltd recently completed an extensive upgrade of its New Zealand Point of Presence (POP) as it        aims to become the dominant player in the wholesale VoIP market across Australia and New Zealand.


Symbio's Auckland POP underwent an infrastructure upgrade as well as improving connectivity into New Zealand and across the Tasman. As part of the upgrade process, Symbio became a peer at the Auckland Peering Exchange (APE) at Sky Tower. This peering  link at Sky Tower allows New Zealand service providers, operators and carriers to exchange IP traffic with Symbio Networks directly.


Symbio's Manager for Wholesale, Alastair Slattery commented on the upgrade "Our New Zealand operation has enjoyed steady growth over the last couple of years and we see great potential for further growth in the New Zealand wholesale VoIP market. This upgrade increases our reach into New Zealand and will allow us to better serve domestic NZ operators. Our networks have a reputation for quality, reliability and scalability, and following heavy recent investment in infrastructure, we now have a fully NGN core across the Tasman. Operators may now meet us in Australia or New Zealand to take advantage of our superior network quality and next-generation VoIP and IP services".


The upgrade was meticulously planned and staged by a team of Symbio's engineers, and no disruption to their New Zealand operations was incurred.


Parallel to the POP upgrade Symbio connected their own dedicated layer 2 trans-tasman link over the Southern Cross Cable between Sydney and Auckland to solidify the quality of service between their Australian and New Zealand Networks. This link, along with the connection to APE at Sky Tower will allow for the sharing of IP networks through the Symbio Networks IP footprint across Australia and New Zealand.


"With our trans-Tasman link in place and connection into APE we've solidified our network footprint. We're aiming to meet operators and service providers at as many peering exchange points as possible. Those operators who meet us at Sky Tower are now only a few milliseconds away from our expansive Australian network and vice-versa" said Alastair Slattery.


"Our immediate aim is to become the largest trans-Tasman SIP aggregator. We have the network and know-how from years of experience in building and managing these networks to achieve this - we know VoIP and the wholesale VoIP market better than anyone. Our customers enjoy the benefits of the quality and size of our network and will continue to do so as we expand into Asia".