MyNetFone Group Present at the CommsDay Sydney Summit Friday 01 March 2013 @ 11:25

The CommsDay Sydney Summit, held on 9-10th April 2013, is the event where Australia's telecom leaders meet.

This year Rene Sugo, CEO of Symbio Networks and the MyNetFone Group will be delivering a presentation at the 'Data Centres & the Cloud' session. 

Discussion about Cloud communications tends to be very conceptual. Rene's presentation will pull the ‘Cloud' out of the sky and bring discussion to a real usage level.

Hosted Voice - the overlooked Cloud

The focus will be on one largely overlooked aspect of Cloud, which is hosted voice. What do developments like 4G, data-centre hosted OTT services and the disassociation of numbers and services mean for the average consumer's use of the Cloud for voice communications? And what implications does this have for providers and wholesalers?


Symbio presenting at CommsDay Sydney Summit 2013

1. 4G - better reliability and increased bandwidth of 4G mean that mobile devices can now support high-quality VoIP calls & HD video, which offer more choice for consumers. 

2. OTT Services - the feasibility of VoIP on mobile via 4G means customers now have access to OTT Cloud services and can integrate mobile handsets into their business Virtual PBXs. Mobiles become just another extension. There is increasing personalisation of mobiles and the rise of BYOD, where one ‘BYO' personal device runs both a personal service plan and an app that allows it to act as a means of accessing your Cloud-based business communications, without intermixing of service costs between personal and business.

3. Disassociation of Numbers and Services - with porting into the Cloud, there is no longer a need to tie numbers to technology. Cloud-based infrastructure delivers flexibility and location-independence, where numbers can be used over any technology, any device and from any location.

Instead of using ‘Cloud' as a vague all-encompassing buzz-word, it is time to frame the Cloud discussion in real and relevant terms - and this is what Symbio's presentation will achieve.

Insight from the CEO

Q: Why do you believe it is important for companies to participate in industry forums like the CommsDay Summit, where you will soon be speaking?

Rene Sugo: It is important to realise that we are making our own future. By participating in forums like CommsDay it gives us an opportunity to influence others' thinking and help the industry evolve as a whole. Even as a relatively little known player in a big market, I'm amazed by the feedback and interest we get after we present at an industry event. Sometimes it comes from places that you really would not expect - and that is the point of getting out there and telling your story: it starts a conversation, and that leads to relationships and eventually partnerships. It is a great experience.

Make sure to catch Rene's presentation at 3:50pm on 9th April 2013 in Stream B if you are attending the CommsDay Sydney Summit.