Monday 03 August 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio complete Optus Bigfoot integration into SONAR OSS and BSS platform

Symbio Networks recently completed the successful integration of the Optus Bigfoot network with their proprietary SONAR OSS and BSS platform and managed ISP network solution.

The integration allows Symbio Networks to offer whitelabel ADSL2+ services to Internet Service Providers (ISP's) on Symbio's managed platform (MVP), provided they are existing Optus Bigfoot wholesale customers. The addition of the ability to offer these services provides more ‘value-add' to the Symbio managed platform, further contributing to it being recognised as one of the leading managed converged services networks within Australia and New Zealand.

This whitelabel ISP offering is an application of Symbio's ISP network solution, entirely designed, engineered and integrated by Symbio Networks and is capable of interfacing with other wholesale aggregation networks in different markets around the world provided a well structure B2B interface is defined.

The ADSL network Symbio built includes full B2B integration from Optus to the Symbio SONAR OSS and BSS system for management of ADSL2+ and symmetric DSL services.

SONAR - a billing, operational and management software solution for telecommunications service providers is proprietary to Symbio Networks and a result of years of ongoing development by their in-house research and development team. SONAR offers a flexible environment for internet service providers to allocate maximum upload and download speeds, on and off peak data quotas and pricing schemes, giving service providers a flexible framework for their data rating services.

The Symbio ISP solution is proven, with live ADSL2+ services now being offered by Symbio's managed platform customers. These customers may take advantage of Symbio's excellence in engineering and designing the latest converged service solutions.

Symbio Networks specialises in designing, deploying and managing Next Generation Networks for the competitive telecommunications market in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, allowing service providers, carriers and operators to deliver high quality next generation services to their customers. Symbio has three main areas to their business operation: Managed Services, Systems Engineering and Software Development. Symbio is dedicated in ensuring their solutions remain at the leading edge of the telecommunications industry.