Symbio for Contact Centres and BPOs Wednesday 23 November 2016 @ 17:08

Symbio rolls out the red carpet when it comes to contact centres and BPOs. As a customer, you’ll receive direct access to our smart, API-driven communications solutions - operating on the largest IP voice network in Australia.

We’ve been an established Tier 1 carrier for over a decade and deliver billions of voice minutes annually. With our network hosting millions of phone numbers and SIP endpoints, we’re uniquely capable of conversion-free call termination and origination on our own IP network without compromising quality.



25% of Symbio’s headcount is dedicated to research & development through our Platforms and Networks team. It’s these brilliant minds that are perfecting our APIs to give end-users direct access to Symbio’s suite of services.

API enables providers to plug-in service control functionality directly in their own portals. When staff are no longer needed to middle-manage customer requests, you can provide much faster provisioning times while significantly reducing overheads.

Flexible & Scalable

As a part of our managed wholesale services, customers receive voice, numbering and data enablement for high-capacity and large-scale contact solutions. We offer communications solutions large and small from 50 to several thousand phone lines, with the ability to increase capacity on demand. It can be scaled if needed, to sustain multiple phone lines, multiple locations and longer traffic peaks - all while maintaining premium quality and reliability.

For those unpredictable peaks in traffic, there’s our unique voice burst service. It was engineered by Symbio to ensure a high-availability and low-contention voice service, when all other IP capacity is in demand. This powerful service is perfect for special purpose call operations like emergency recovery centres or charity phone-a-thons.

Symbio carries calls across Australia and New Zealand, and with global interconnections and switching capability, we can deliver wholesale voice traffic across IP and PSTN networks internationally. This intelligent routing technology and carrier-grade infrastructure ensures that all communications are delivered at the best quality, by the most efficient path.

See the benefits of the Symbio experience for yourself. With our superior speed-to-market, you can have a trial account up and running in 48 hours and have the system live within a week.


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