Symbio Leading the Pack Thursday 28 July 2016 @ 12:00

We hear the term ‘market disruption’ a lot these days. It’s a phrase synonymous with fast-growing companies like Uber, Airbnb and Netflix. One thing these companies have in common is an over-the-top (OTT) business model: leveraging existing networks to provide a superior service – at less cost.

Behind every OTT disruptor there is an enabler. And, for the Australian voice industry, Symbio is the new generation carrier of choice. For more than a decade, Symbio’s Software Defined Network (SDN) has underpinned innovative voice services – such as Unified Communication (UC) platforms, IP PBXs, voice apps and OTT providers.

Now the big, traditional incumbents have started to take notice. With the threat of SDNs enabling a plethora of new apps and OTT competitors, they are finally beginning to shift current services to an SDN model. But Symbio leads the pack.

While others are cajoled into adopting ‘new’ SDN technology, Symbio is backed by twelve years of experience and innovation. Our APIs are proven and scalable, offering programmatic control over major aspects of voice carriage and numbering.

While others see SDN as a hollow cause, we have built our business around it. We are data network agnostic, so you have control of cost and quality. And, as an exclusively wholesale brand, we have the freedom to focus on the needs of industry, sharing technology and supporting innovation.

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