Friday 05 September 2008 @ 00:00

Great savings on phone & broadband in the bush


Consumers in rural and regional Australia can now access VoIP services over satellite broadband to make big savings on their phone bills. Australia's biggest provider of satellite broadband, Activ8me, and the leading VoIP wholesale provider, Symbio Networks, have teamed up to make these services are available to all of Activ8me's 20,000+ customer base.  


While VoIP services have been available to users via landline broadband connections for some time, Symbio Networks and Active8me have been working closely to develop innovative solutions to deliver quality, reliable VoIP services optimised for use over the IPSTAR satellite in the remote corners of Australia. Consumers in these areas are now able to enjoy modern day technologies and the savings in call costs enjoyed by terrestrial VoIP users.  


In a short period of over two years, Activ8me has built a sizable customer base to become Australia's largest satellite ISP and is reputed to have become the third largest broadband satellite ISP in the world.


"Since we moved our customers to the Symbio wholesale infrastructure, they have reported greatly improved quality, as well as enjoying low cost untimed National calls for the first time" said Tony Bundrock, General Manager of Activ8me. "Symbio were able to provide an extremely fast response to meet our requirements which in turn allowed us to meet our time-to-market objectives, ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction" he continued.


"Many regional customers are tired of traditional telcos and rely on Activ8me Voice. We are able to offer untimed calls across Australia, calls to mobiles at a fraction of the cost the major carriers charge, and international calls to major destinations from as little as three cents per minute. We also have plans with very low, or zero dollar installation charges, so it's very easy to get started" said Mr Bundrock.


Symbio's Manager of Wholesale Networks, Alastair Slattery, commented, "Our white-label solution provides a platform which delivers a highly reliable turn-key VoIP solution to service providers within Australia, New Zealand and overseas. Activ8me's success in delivering their VoIP service is indicative of the emphasis we place on maintaining superior quality metrics within our white-label wholesale network."