Monday 07 September 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio Networks Pty Ltd, the leading wholesale and managed VoIP services provider in Australia and New Zealand, announces today that they are expanding their network and services into Asia with the deployment of their Point of Presence (POP) in Singapore which will offer live services in October 2009.


After many months of planning and market analysis, Symbio successfully obtained a Services Based Operator license from the Singaporean regulatory body, the IDA, and will provide direct termination services into key destinations throughout South-East Asia for carriers and service providers via SIP or H323 VoIP-interconnect.


Symbio Networks have an established reputation for the high-quality and reliability of their VoIP network and services in Australia and New Zealand, and will look to take advantage of this along with their experience in building and operating these networks to provide more opportunities for carriers and service providers to obtain these services from Symbio within the region.


Alastair Slattery Symbio's Wholesale Manager stated "VoIP and IP services in general have experienced massive growth over recent years as the technologies have matured and the global communications market becomes increasingly IP-focussed - we understand these technologies better than anyone, and have the skills and experience to build and operate these networks". Alastair continued "We are looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that will arise as a result of us offering our services within Singapore and the region in general. We have identified an opportunity for high-quality wholesale VoIP providers in the region and believe we can service this market better than it is currently being serviced".


Symbio chose to build in Singapore as it is one of the key traffic hubs in Asia.


Symbio's Singapore POP will be deployed at the Equinix Singapore Internet Business Exchange. Symbio will initially provide direct terminating routes into Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, in addition to the current directs within Australia and New Zealand.


At a time when many international operators are cutting back on investment, Symbio continues to invest in their network. "The investment we have committed to in building our Asian presence has come as a result of much due diligence and market analysis. Our networks achieve excellent economies of scale; as a result of sound engineering proficiency. We are additionally continuing to invest in our existing network in Australia and New Zealand as a result of strong organic growth. We foresee further future expansion and investment as our international footprint becomes more established".


Symbio Networks will be attending the upcoming Asian Carriers Conference in the Philippines (9th - 12th September) and will use this forum to discuss formal interconnect agreements with prospective customers.


About Symbio Networks Pty Ltd

Symbio Networks provides full turnkey services, specialising in designing, deploying and managing Next Generation Networks for the competitive telecommunications market in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. With a strong focus on wholesale VoIP and IP communications, Symbio has developed a reputation for providing superior voice quality and network reliability across their voice network, and is the largest SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) aggregator within Australia and New Zealand.


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