Thursday 01 February 2007 @ 00:00

From IT Wire:

Symbio provides trans-Tasman VoIP 

Stephen Withers

01 February 2007

Symbio's newly established point of presence in Auckland will enable its clients to provide superior quality for trans-Tasman calls.

The company points to the number of businesses operating in both Australia and New Zealand as well as the 400,000 New Zealanders living in Australia as an indication of the need for such a facility.

"While the adoption of VoIP services in New Zealand is on the rise for both residential and business use, we expect to see a significant increase in traffic volumes thanks to the improvement in voice quality and service reliability delivered by our Auckland POP," said director, Rene Sugo.

The new POP also means Symbio clients can offer their customers direct in-dial numbers in Auckland, and provides the company with a beachhead for attracting New Zealand clients.

Symbio provides network services to VoIP operators including Skype and MyNetFone. It also operates Australia's first VoIP peering exchange.{moscomment}