Friday 08 May 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio Networks Pty Ltd has further extended their IP footprint within Australia by establishing a dedicated East-West IP link between Sydney and Perth and has commenced peering at the Western Australian Internet Exchange (WAIX).

Sybmio extends IP footprint into Perth, solidifying Sybmios as Australia's leading wholesale VoIP provider

Symbio's peering link at WAIX allows internet service providers who peer at WAIX to receive high quality transit to our  network infrastructure and MVP. The benefit to Symbio's customers who peer at WAIX is greater quality and reliability back to their core network in Sydney. Symbio is recognised for their ability to continually refine and develop their services. The new link in Perth solidifies Symbio's dedication in being Australia's leading provider of VoIP and wholesale VoIP services.


Symbio's Manager for Wholesale and Business Development, Alastair Slattery commented on the new link "With our new East-West IP link, we're able to provide an on-net IP footprint that spans from Auckland all the way through to Perth, including peering links at Sky Tower, Equinix, PIPE and now WAIX. Our Managed Service customers have never had better IP access to their end-users. Our network is already recognised for its superb voice quality, and this should further improve the user-experience".


Symbio's team of engineers were able to arrange, prepare and implement the new link with a fast-turnaround ensuring a seamless cut-over.


Peering at WAIX allows Symbio on-net access to Service Providers peering at WAIX, allowing Symbio to better serve the  WA market and giving service providers, operators and carriers the opportunity to leverage our quality networks.