Tuesday 10 March 2009 @ 00:00

Communications Day

10 March 2009


Symbio Networks has launched its wholesale platform for prepaid calling cards. The new platform is a result of substantial capital investments to expand and upgrade its network infrastructure and back office systems.


Symbio Networks' calling card platform allows calling card operators to outsource network infrastructure and back office systems to a third party provider. It also aims to deliver improved features, operational and billing functionalities, and a different level of performance reporting.


Symbio Networks wholesale manager Alastair Slattery said, "We can provide a one-stop service as our customers can get everything they need in order to sell their calling cards from us. They don't need to worry about coordination with different suppliers or any compatibility issues. On the other hand, we can provide individual specific parts to suit the customers' needs if this is what they are after. The customers have total flexibility and control how they want Symbio networks to add value to their calling card business."


Full PDF version can be found here