Monday 09 March 2009 @ 00:00

Symbio Networks Pty Ltd, Australia's new generation wholesale VoIP and IP service provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its wholesale platform for prepaid calling cards. The newly enhanced platform has been developed to target calling card operators who prefer to focus on the sale and marketing of calling cards, and outsource network infrastructure and back office systems to a reliable and competent third party provider, like Symbio Networks.


Already operating an industry leading wholesale voice platform and with many years experience in the operation of wholesale calling card platforms & services, the implementation of Symbio Networks' new wholesale calling card platform comes as a result of substantial capital investments to expand and upgrade the network infrastructure and back office systems. In addition to providing improved quality and reliability, the upgraded platform is now capable of delivering a whole new generation of user-friendly features, operational and billing functionalities as well as different level of performance reporting.


"Our wholesale VoIP network is widely acknowledged within the industry as one of the best in terms of our route flexibility, quality & reliability. As a result of our recent investments, the benefits for calling card providers are not just about enhanced features & quality, which are of course important, but of the ease of service set-up and operational efficiency that enable our customers to have fast time to market - all of which will enable to them to compete effectively in this highly competitive market" said Mr Alastair Slattery, Wholesale Manager of Symbio Networks.


"We can provide a one-stop service as our customers can get everything they need in order to sell their calling cards from us. They don't need to worry about co-ordination with different suppliers or any compatibility issues. On the other hand, we can provide individual specific parts to suit the customers' needs if this is what they are after. The customers have total flexibility and control how they want Symbio Networks to add value to their calling card business," said Alastair Slattery. 


Despite increased competition and falling call rates, the international prepaid calling card market in Australia has continued to enjoy solid growth due to the large ex-pat community as well as the continuing growth of commerce and trade between Australia and overseas countries, especially with India and China. The current economic conditions further add fuel to the growth of the calling card market as consumers tighten their belts to stretch their dollars further. 


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